Meet Incredible PBX 16 with VitalPBX for VirtualBox

Nerd Vittles
If you’re new to the VoIP world and want to kick the tires to see what you’re missing, then today’s one minute setup is for you. You’ll get a $10 credit to try out some penny-a-minute calls and to purchase a $1 a month phone number in your choice of area codes. If you decide VoIP is not for you, you don’t have to buy anything ever. And you can use almost any desktop computer you already own to bring up the VirtualBox® edition of Incredible PBX® 16 with VitalPBX 2.3.8.

If you’ve followed Nerd Vittles over the years, you already know that VirtualBox from Oracle® is one of our favorite platforms. Once VirtualBox is installed on your desktop computer, adding Incredible PBX is a snap.

Download the latest Incredible PBX .ova image from SourceForge, double-click on the downloaded image, check the initialize MAC address box, and boom. Instant PBX! In less than a minute, your PBX will be ready to use.

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